The ruling by Justice Adrian Fisher last Wednesday ordered the 21-Man Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) of the All Peoples Congress (APC) to appoint a new team of five members who will be charged with the responsibility of dealing with all unresolved membership issues within the party.

The latest court decision came following series of controversies among members of the ITGC on the interpretation of the previous April, 28 ruling, which was delivered by the same court regarding the issue of unresolved membership. On 4th August, this year, the ITGC
issued a press release that was signed by the Chairman notifying the public that the issue of un-resolved membership was settled and that some members who reapplied for membership were reinstated by the ITGC.

However, that press release was countered with another press release issued out by the ITGC Secretary General who claimed that the Committee had no knowledge about that, adding that it will be dealt with at the party’s upcoming National Delegates’ Conference (NDC).

The issue of settling unresolved membership in the party formed part
of the decisions of the Chairman that saw the contempt matter filed against him by the legal representative of the 21-Man Team, Lawyer Alpha M. Jalloh.

In his latest ruling on the contempt matter, Justice Adrian Fisher ordered the ITGC to appoint a new 5- Man Team to deal with all unresolved matters to solve membership issues within the party by Article 10 of the new APC 2022 Constitution.

According to Justice Fisher, the new 5-Man Team should look at two issues reinstatement and registration of new members. Justice Fisher also gave a timeline for the team to resolve all membership issues not later than January 20, 2023, before the conduct of the NDC which must be done before January 29, next year.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the ITGC, Alfred Peter Conteh has expressed dissatisfaction over the ruling, especially on what he considered a short timeline issued by the court to carry out the said activities.

However, Alfred Peter Conteh concluded that the ITGC will follow the latest court order and appoint the team to finally deal with the issue.