Madam Salima Monorma Bah, the newly appointed Minister of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, unveils her strategic roadmap aimed at fostering collaboration between ministries and driving a transformative shift in communication technology and innovation within Sierra Leone.

Expressing her commitment to harnessing the immense potential of these sectors, Minister Bah highlights her vision of propelling the nation into a lucrative digital era. Emphasizing the significance of collaboration, she rallies different entities towards shared objectives, stating, “Collaboration stands as the cornerstone in constructing a resilient and inclusive digital economy. Ministries must unite, communicating and cooperating closely, in order to establish a vibrant innovation ecosystem that lures investment and empowers our youth.”

Minister Bah provides unwavering assurance of her unwavering backing for President Bio’s agricultural priorities, reaffirming her determination to drive this pivotal agenda forward.

Bah further underscores her dedication to an all-encompassing development approach, where attention is devoted to various sectors. She is steadfast in her focus on digital literacy, outlining comprehensive strategies for enhancing literacy rates and ensuring widespread technology access. These initiatives encompass bolstering educational initiatives and establishing centers for digital skills training, providing individuals with essential tools to flourish within the digital landscape

By championing digital inclusivity, the government aims to bridge the digital divide and optimize technology’s advantages for every citizen. Minister Bah radiates optimism about tapping into global funding sources, expressing confidence that despite Sierra Leone’s challenges, ample financial support exists worldwide. Her intention is to harness these resources for sectoral growth and overall development.