The Minister of Energy of the Republic Of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has on the 25th August, 2023 engaged the Israeli Ambassador, Shlomit Sufa on Commitment to Strengthening Bilateral Ties as well as Partnership and Investments in the Energy Sector.

The Ambassador mentioned that she visited the Minister with the aim of gaining insights into the country’s energy mix, the government’s overarching policy objectives within the sector, potential for public-private partnerships and investments, as well as the challenges faced by the sector.

She mentioned that a respected Israeli company was in the final stages of preparing to invest in Sierra Leone’s energy sector. She expressed her commitment to provide all necessary human and administrative support not only to facilitate this endeavor but also to inspire other Israeli companies to explore the expanding investment opportunities in both the energy sector and other fields within the country.

In response, the minister expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Ambassador for the visit. He reaffirmed the enduring strength of the bilateral ties between Sierra Leone and Israel, emphasizing that the two nations would consistently maintain this strong relationship. Additionally, he noted that Israel has consistently extended assistance to Sierra Leone whenever the need arises.

He rolled out the progress the Government of President Julius Maada Bio had made in the sector, citing the increase in access rate from a dismal 16% in 2018 to a stunning 35% in 2023 and the impressive rural energy drive as shining examples of those genuine strides.

The Minister of Energy concluded by stating that the energy sector was a sector in a hurry, and necessarily so. He implored the Ambassador to encourage companies from her country to invest in Sierra Leone as well as mainating that, they will always receive a very good place by the government and the people of the country.