In line with President Bio’s commitment to actualize the “big five changers” agenda during his second term, Chief Minister David Moinina Sengeh has been actively driving this vision to make tangible impacts for the people of Sierra Leone.

On October 3rd, 2023, in this spirit of progress, Chief Minister Sengeh held discussions with Le Roux Dupper from Miro Forestry Company. Their discourse centered around potential investments and job creation, particularly focusing on sustainable forestry for the country’s youth.

Reports suggest that by January 2024, Miro Forestry Company plans to employ over 2000 Sierra Leoneans. Additionally, the company boasts its reputation as one of Africa’s premier plywood factories.

“I had a very productive meeting with Mr Le Roux Dupper of Miro Forestry Company today to speak about their investments in #SierraLeone on sustainable forestry. Miro will employ 2000 people by Jan 24 when they commission one of the largest plywood factories in Africa.” Sengeh wrote.