In the bid of maintaining peace, stability and national cohesion in the country, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation met with informal transport stakeholders to discuss the importance of maintaining peace and avoiding violence.

It was reported that, the meeting was called in light of ongoing threats from both known and unknown individuals, many of whom are residing outside the country, encouraging the public to participate in illegal protests.

In his statement, the Deputy Minister Mr. Rex Bhonapha emphasized the importance of stakeholders not getting involved in activities that could jeopardize the country’s peace as they are seen as key players in promoting and enhancing peace at every sector in the country.

The discussions led to an official agreement ย to a memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) that will create a communication channel for enhanced collaboration in transport sector issues of mutual interest by the Ministry and transport stakeholders.

The said agreement they revealed that, is built on the principles of reciprocity, complementarity, and loyalty to the country.

Members of the transport sector, such as Bike Riders, Keke Union, and Motor Drivers Union, have expressed their strong dedication to avoiding violence and fostering peace within their groups.

The deputy minister urged all citizens to continue with their regular activities and avoid engaging in any unlawful behaviour that will disturb the peace of peaceful citizens in the country.