The former Leader and flag bearer of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) and currently Member of Parliament for Constituency 066 Karene district, Honourable Mohamed Bangura has assured all that his interest is to be the next APC Chairman and not to contest for the Presidency for now.

According to Honourable Mohamed Bangura, having served as a former Cabinet Minister under the leadership of former President Ernest Bai Koroma, the current leader and chairman of the All Peoples Congress party, he believes he is in the right position to succeed him as the party chairman based on his wealth of experience over the years.

He disclosed that his political career started in 1996 and since then he has attained various leadership positions, assuring that among the four candidates who have declared for the position he is the only one to have served in four elective positions including spokesperson and chairman of the PMDC, leader and flag bearer of UDM and currently MP representing constituency 066.

Speaking to Awoko, Hon Mohamed Bangura maintained that the APC lost the 2018 Presidential election due to lack of unity as most of the flag bearer candidates failed to participate in the campaign process as they felt aggrieved by the decision to select Samura Kamara, but with him as the next chairman of the party he will ensure unity and a fair playing field.

“With unity within the APC 2023 elections will be a smooth ride for us,” he assured, explaining that he singled handedly travelled throughout the country to ensure that former Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana returns to the APC despite the fact that most people were against that, but winning 2023 election requires everyone on board.

According to him, the Sam Sumana movement and establishment of a new political party greatly affected the APC in the 2018 elections, explaining that before declaring for the chairmanship of the APC he had been trying to get everyone on board the party to see how best they can speak and take decisions with one voice rather than continuing to stay away from the party.

On the issue of his banner being torn at the APC party office, he said “that is politics” but at the same time that act will not deter his ambition to lead the APC towards victory come 2023.

Source: Sierraloaded