The Newly appointed Director of Communications at the Office of the President, Michael Berewa also known as Myk Berewa has reacted to the Criticisms that followed his appointment as a State House Communications Director.

In the Hot Seat Program with AYV’s Amadu Lamrana Bah, Myk Berewa defended himself from the comments of the Head of Campaign for Good Governance, Marcella Samba Sesay and Assistant Deen of Faculty of Communications, FBC, Dr Williette James.

Speaking on Marcella Samba’s post, he expressed disappointment at the words used against him, describing the whole message as a “Fallacy”. He stated that he is not that type of a person and that he has never cuss on social media.

He continued that people have their different opinions and they have the right to criticize, but however, they should be objective in their Criticisms.

Responding to Dr Williette James’s post, he described her criticism as objective, adding that she meant good when she spoke about government to cut down and restrategise their Communications.

However, to throw light on the part about waste of public funds and restrategising Communications, he emphasized that the decision of the President to appoint him as Director of Communications is no waste of funds but a very good one.

“It’s not a burden or waste, I see it as something that is ideal and very laudable from the president looking at the August 10 protests and the communication gap” He said.

He added that he is an added value to the team, and that he was appointed to fill that Communications gap, by bringing the President closer to the people.

Distinguishing the roles of the State House Communications Team, from Press Secretary Yusuf Keketoma, Alpha Khan to Tanu Jalloh, he affirmed that everyone of them has a role to play and that his role is different.

“This office has never been created. Part of my role is to collaborate with people, work with people’s ideas and feelings, interface with them. Some people do not hate the government but they feel left out. I want to breached that gap. I want to bring the president closer to the people ” he Stated.

He ended that information is, power and security, therefore, having people with more skills and power is good as ‘the more, the merrier.’