Nasma Shaikay who emerged with the best result in this year’s WASSCE has referred to her success as a great achievement for her and a motivation for other girls in Sierra Leone.

The 17-year-old from Kambui Lebanese International School, in Kenema spoke to Politico on Tuesday 27th September 2022 at her school’s ground, encouraging other students, especially girls to take their studies seriously. She expressed her determination to pursue her academic work so that she can give back to the country.

“My message to colleague students set to take WASSCE more especially girls, is for them to believe in themselves and study very hard so that they too can make history in this country” said Skaikay.

She urged students to be focused saying her record-breaking result was a pacesetter and laurel for the Kenema district and commended the school administration, especially the teachers for being with her in and out of the school as she prepared for the exam. Skaiky’s ambition is to study Engineering at University and urged other women to pursue their studies with utmost seriousness.

The girl’s father, Taha Amin Skaikay a business, told Politico that he felt proud as a father and believes her daughter’s success would motivate other girls in society.

“I just want parents to know that they should not doubt their children as every child can be brilliant and that it’s how we help them to perform in school that counts”, he said.

The Principal of Kambui Lebanese International School Kenema, Mahmoud Mousli Mani said it’s not the first time the school is getting attention. He said in 2008, the school as a whole came second in the Junior Secondary School public exams or BECE, first in the WASSCE in 2012, second in BECE in 2014, 2015 first and second in the WASSCE and BECE, and 2018, 2019, 2020 second in WASSCE.

The Principal stated that the administration, staff and parents, and the Lebanese committee do work together to prepare their children for public exams and that the WASSCE result this year is a big glory to them.

The principal assured the public that, as an administration, they will continue to improve on their academic performance and commended the teachers.