Natasha Beckley also known as Swadu is a Sierra Leonean-American based rapper. In 2021 National Entertainment Awards, she won three music categories, the ‘Best Hit Single of the year’ for her smash “Bout the money”, ‘Best Female Artist of the year’ and ‘Best Female Afro Hip Hop Artist of the year’.

Natasha Beckley earlier this week payed a visit to the Model High School Freetown in her Trash to Treasure Sierra Leone project tour.

Recently, the rapper took it to another level from the entertainment industry to making an environmental conservation Organisation named Trash to Treasure Sierra Leone. The Trash to Treasure project is to convert materials consider as waste to something new that could serve another purpose to society. In her previous visits to schools around the municipality of Freetown, she had sessions with students and explained to them about environmental conservation and how trash can be recycled and made into treasure.

According to the rapper, ‘Trash to Treasure’ is about brining schools onboard in managing trash in an innovative way. 24 schools are selected to take part in the competition for best innovative ideas in which five best schools will be selected with a prize of 24 million Leones.

Natasha Beckley today pays a visit to the Model High School to continue her Trash to Treasure tour around Freetown. On her visit at the school, she admonished pupils about the importance of environmental conservation. During her visit, she challenges the Model High School as she challenged her previously visited schools to turn the trash in their school to a treasure art piece,  adding that the school with the most innovative ideas will win a grand price of Le10,000,000, the second with Le8,000,000, the third with Le6,000,000, the fourth with Le4,000,000 and the fifth with Le2,000,000, respectively.

She announced the official launching of her Trash to Treasure project, which is proposed to be on April 21st this year.

On her Facebook she wrote:

Trash to treasure tour

       Visiting MODEL HIGH SCHOOL

Looking forward to launching my Trash to Treasure project April 21st (Workd creativity and innovation day) Trash to Treasure Sierra Leone

Working with partners in development , I am giving away 24 million Leones to 5 school.

Students are encouraged to turn the trash in their school environment to a beautiful treasure piece. The top 5 most creative schools wins the cash prize. Students can use the money won to bring development to their school environment.

Winning school Le 10m

2nd place 8m

3rd place 6m

4th place 4m

5th place 2m

= 24 million

May the best school winshe posted.