The National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) and the senior members of the Armed Forces Technical and Education College (AFTEC) have on the 31st August, 2023 signed a memorandum of understanding in order to strengthen the already existing partnership.

Lieutenant General Peter Kinie Lavahun, Chief of Defense Staff, appreciated the commission for the move in making sure that they work for the good of the country and for signing and making the commitment, adding that, it is very important for the young women to be involved in the proceedings of the course in making sure that they are beneficial to the nation as well as women empowerment in the country.

Deputy Commissioner of the national youth commission, Emerson Kamara, maintained that the commission in collaboration with the UNDP thought it necessary for the inclusion of women into the activities and that should be at the forefront of the development agenda in the country and he wants the youth to engage in all essential skills.