A new survey has revealed that the incumbent party’s Presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio will win the 2023 elections without run-off.

A survey conducted by Joseph Initiative Foundation revealed that voters will re-elect President Bio instead of Dr. Samura Kamara of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC).

The survey aimed to decipher voter’s preference ahead of the the June 2023 elections.

According to the result most voters in the Southern and Eastern Province belonging to the Mende tribe will vote overwhelmingly for the SLPP.

Amazingly the survey also revealed that 75 percent of ethnic Temne will also vote for the SLPP. While 60 percent of Limba will shockingly vote for the SLPP.

The survey also revealed that the majority of other ethnic groups including the Fulas, Mandingo, Susu and Krio to name a few will vote for the ruling party.

Sierra Leone will go to the polls this June in a multi-tier election.

The incumbent will be represented by President Bio while the main opposition will be represented by Kamara. The contest will be a repeat of the 2018 presidential elections which Bio won by a narrow margin.