One of the founding members of KKY Movement, Eng. James David Lansana has rejected the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (CoPPP) formed by the All People’s Congress (APC) party, National Grand Coalition (NGC) party and other political parties.

He described how NGC party came about. He stated that, the party was formed on the back of a vibrant Political Action Group called the KKY Movement in 2013, immediately after the 2012 elections. The original founders were young highly educated professionals, with the guidance of some seasoned politicians at the time like the Late Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay, the Late Dr. Alusine Fofana to name but a few.

The Highly educated Engineer who earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Greenwich School of Engineering and Earth Sciences in Chatham, United Kingdom, also has a Chartered Engineering Accreditation in Nuclear Power Systems and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from the University of Houston Clear Lake, was one of the original founding members of the KKY Movement and was very active and vocal in the KKY Movement that has now been transformed into a political party called the NGC.

Sierraloaded caught up with the erudite juggernaut and was able to get him to open up about the NGC forming a Coalition with political parties including the APC. The highly skilled Engineer who Sierraloaded noted to be very tactful with words, very eloquent, charismatic and proficiently articulate was quick to outrightly reject Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (CoPPP).

He sighted the following reasons for his fierce rejection of the intended Coalition. He told this medium that to start with, Dr. Dennis Bright the Chairman and Leader of the NGC party that he is a core founding member of never consulted the general membership of the NGC before jumping in bed with the APC. The learned Engineer also went further to opine that there is nothing the NGC can do for Sierra Leone in a Coalition with the APC that they can’t do for Sierra Leone either by themselves or in a Coalition with the SLPP from which they breakaway. He expressed his profound disappointment in Dr. Dennis Bright’s singlehanded decision he took and expect the rest of the NGC to kowtow behind him. He further said that Dr. Dennis Bright should have realized that the NGC is majority SLPP, many of whom don’t want to have anything to do with the APC.

Sierraloaded also found out that the learned Engineer is the son of the Late Brigadier General David Lansana that was executed in the mid 1970’s together with Dr. M. S. Fornah, Dr. Taqi, and Paramount Chief Bai Makari N’Silk. Sierraloaded could relate to the Engineer’s very spirited rejection of the intended Coalition between the NGC that he helped develop and a party that murdered his father.

Engineer J D Lansana came over as a very liberal and friendly guy who is fiercely loyal to Sierra Leone and stands for the truth without reservation. He went on to confide in Sierraloaded that he believes the NGC going to bed with the APC is nothing but a flash in a pan. He said he is confident that the incumbent His Excellency General (Ret) Dr. Julius Maada Bio is going to win a second five years term, which in his opinion is not out of place.

Engineer J D Lansana went further to tell Sierraloaded that he thinks that NGC should negotiate with her parent party and make peace with them since they already have made peace with the APC for the good of the country but the NGC should form a Coalition with their home party ang get into Governance.

He stated that “Politics is for winners, the essence of forming a political party is to win and govern”. Sierraloaded could not secure more of his time as he was jetting off to the airport to catch a flight to the Caribbean. He promised to reach out to Sierraloaded the next time he visits Sierra Leone for a chat. Sierraloaded truly enjoyed the company of the learned Engineer who is very down to earth and friendly.

During our meeting with him a minimum of fifty youths came by to interact with him and it was truly a beautiful sight to behold. Salone Messenger looks forward to our next meeting with Engineer James David Lansana.