Housemate and close friend to Julie Tombo, Nohmi George from Dubai has today been given a free ticket to Dubai again by the grand chief of the Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show after found guilty of allegations in the show.

Following his eviction shortly from the show, in the Housemates Salone fans zone, the evicted housemate disclosed that he was not surprised of his eviction because he knew his days in the house were over. However, his journey in the house was splendid.

“My experience in the house was good with happy moments….” Nohmi George disclosed in the fans zone with host Hurai Bangurah. After the Mid-Week eviction on Wednesday 13th July 2022, the contestant among other three were Invicted back into the house after critical thoughts been done and decision finally made.

Two days he entered in the house, he has today been evicted by chief over reasons Nohmi George did on his selfish interest.ย  According to chief in the diary room with Nohmi George, for some reasons, Nohmi chose to waste the precious time of housemates and viewers out there by calling a meeting that wasn’t call for. Another reason chief was angry at him was playing with Julie’s emotions. The last reason was because Nohmi George has based the Housemates show is all about him. Without chief allowing Nohmi George to say a word, he was granted a wish back to Dubai which he always wanted.

For some reasons you thought I was being funny with you. For some reasons you wasted everyone’s time including the viewers. For some reason you do not play with Juliana’s emotions, for that reason I will grant you one wish. You will be the first to reach Dubai, so get dressed and leave the house now” those were the words from chief.