Regional Security Coordinator North, Mustapha Bonnie has called on the residents of Makeni to comply fully with the ongoing investigation into the August 10 saga mounted by the team of law officers to ascertain what went wrong; release or charge those found wanting.

Bonnie said they held a series of media engagements before August 10 and even after the riot the office has been calling on members of the public in Makeni to exercise restraint, keep the peace and cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.

He said they use traditional media to reach out to the general public by cascading messages of peace and security far and wide. and “The regional office is in support of the press release from the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) calling for witnesses for the prosecution of those responsible for what happened”, said Bonnie, adding that ONS would support the SLP and the Law Officers Department for peace to rein in the region and the incidences of August 10 not repeated.

He noted that the security sector has been working assiduously to ensure that people exist in a peaceful atmosphere. He described the riot as unfortunate pointing out that the best way to remove the government of President Bio is by the ballot box during the election.

He assured that the ONS would continue to monitor the security situation of Makeni and take appropriate action to curtail all forms of attack on the state and peaceful citizens.

The Regional Office in Makeni was opened recently though ONS had been established by an Act of Parliament – The National Security and Central Intelligence Act (2002). It was meant to serve as the secretariat of the National Security Council (NSC).