The Fourth Report of the Fifth Session of the Committee of Appointments and Public Service, chaired by the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma has debated and approved unanimously.

Sahr Hemore, Deputy Minister II in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security; Colonel (Rtd) Binneh Conteh, Commissioner, Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms; Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Luke Foday Ndanema, Deputy Commissioner, Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms; Sitta Isata Kaikai, Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Students’ Loan Scheme Fund; Dr. Samuel Edison Bayon, Chairman Local Government Service Commission; Fatmata Conteh, Member, Board of Trustees, National Social Security and Insurance Trust; Ahmed G. Kallon, Commissioner, Right to Access Information Commission, Eastern Region; Mohamed Kpana-Gbato Kemokai, Member, Statistics Sierra Leone Council and Anthony Kalilu Jusu, Member Board of Directors, Sierra Leone Commercial Bank are the Presidential Nominees approved by parliament.

Presenting the Presidential Nominees, the Leader of Government Business, recalled that the latter went through scrutiny and interview based on strict constancies including track records, tax obligation, educational background and issues of suitability amongst others.

Seconding the motion, Opposition Whip, Hon. Hassan Sesay confirmed that he was part of the vetting process and stated that the Nominees deserved the various positions and went on to admonish them to serve in the interest of the State. The MP zoomed out on Mrs. Kaikai, Mr. Hemore and others in light of strong advice that gear toward delivering. “I hope they would deliver for Sierra Leone not for their personal interest” he concluded

Deputy Leader of Government Business, Hon. Bashiru Silikie thanked President Bio for the appointments. He informed that, the Nominees were selected to perform and their performance hinged on the government scorecard. He expressed hope for good services delivering.

The MP said the failure of some nominees would negatively impact on Parliamentary Candidates contesting an election.  The Deputy Leader heaped praises on Mr. Kalilu Jusu for his tremendous effort especially in the Southern Province. He recalled that Mrs. Sitta is a very discipline woman and expressed that he has no doubt in her performance in the new office.

The Deputy Leader of Government Business also read a message of felicitation sent by the Leader of C4C in Parliament, Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina, for Mrs. Kaikai. He categorically stated that Mrs. Kaikai’s position is challenging, but assured that the strong woman would deliver. He commended other nominees, in light of strong admonition and acknowledged young people who are appointed in high profile positions to deliver.

An Independent Member of Parliament from Kailahun District, Hon. Emelia Loloh Tongi said that, all the Nominees were qualified and thanked President Bio for appointing women to high profile positions, commending Mrs. Kaikai. Since jobs are difficult to get, she advised the nominee to suggest alternative career to students, who are going to be awarded, in order to pay back on time.

The MP said Mr. Hemore is her kinsman from the Kissi Kingdom and that the nominee is a reliable personality.

Chairman of Defence Committee, Hon. Sahr E. Juana predicated his statement on religious perspective and went on to commend President Bio for the appointments.

He heaped praises on Colonel Rtd. Conteh for his efforts and Sahr Hemore for national duty, relating his appointment to Kissi inclusion. He reiterated that all the Nominees were qualified for the appointments.

Hon. Dr. Mack-Mahmoud Kaloko considered the report of the Committee of Appointments and reiterated that the Nominees were qualified.

He recalled the establishment of the Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms and advised the Nominees against political interference. The MP also admonished the Nominee for Statistics against inconsistency. He advised all the Nominees to be apolitical.

The Chief Whip of Parliament, Hon. Dickson Rogers said all the Nominees were qualified for designated offices and zoomed Mrs. Kaikai and expressed hope that, the nominee would succeed.

“We are very proud as people of Pujehun District to have one of us appointed to the Students’ Loan Scheme Fund” he stated and commended other nominees including Mohamed Kpana Gbato Kemokai.

Hon. Rebecca Y.  Kamara recalled the tremendous role of women in national development and went on to zoomed out Mrs. Kaikai as a development-oriented person and disciplinarian. “Women are also fit to be side-by-side with men to develop this country” she stated and admonished all the Nominees to make the President proud.

“I want to thank His Excellency for making Kono the light of the world” she concluded and outlined other infrastructural development projects of the current government.

Hon. Francis Amara Kaisamba said the Nominees were eligible and apt for their positions. He expressed that the Nominees are expected to deliver. The appointment of the Nominee to Students’ Loan Scheme he said, indicated the importance the current government had attached on education, in light of accessibility. He commended Ahmed G. Kallon for his tremendous effort on community radio journalism.

Hon. Foday Mario Kamara said he has no doubt in the nominees and went to advise Mr. Hemore to improve on agriculture and food production as well as finding solution to mistakes. “I want this government to place agriculture on a national lense” he advised.

An Independent Member of Parliament from Pujehun District, Hon. Shiaka Sama thanked President Bio for giving their district a fair share by appointing Mrs. Kaikai and expressed hope that she would deliver.

The MP advised the Nominee on various aspects including national interest.

Hon. Wuyatta Songa said Ahmed G. Kallon had done wonderful job by taking journalism to the doorsteps of the Eastern Community and described Mrs. Kaikai as a woman of substance. “Her appointment would add value to that office” she said.

Hon. Josephine Makieu described Ahmed Kallon as a mentor and well-known helper. She also thanked all others for their appointments.

Hon. Abu Kemokai thanked President Bio for the establishment of Students’ Loan Scheme Fund and commended Mrs. Kaikai and Gbato Kemokai for their appointments to serve in various capacities.

In rounding up the debate, Leader of Opposition, Hon. Chernor R.M. Bah endorsed all the Nominees and encouraged them to go and perform with the capacities they have.

In concluding the debate, Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma thanked all Members of Parliament for their various contributions and went to say that, they are thriving on democratic trend, in lieu of the process gear towards the nominees’ approval. He pointed agriculture as one of the nexus and priorities of the government and advised Mr. Hemore to do well in that direction.

The Leader recalled the positive statement of Mrs. Kaikai during the interview and expressed hope on her performance.

“It is very clear that she is going to deliver” he reaffirmed.

He used the platform to praise his government on promotion of press freedom and the appointment of Ahmed G. Kallon as another milestone of development in that direction.

In his felicitation, the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu endorsed the Nominees and encouraged them to go with the blessings of Parliament and the president, and work in the interest of the State.

CREDIT: Parliament of Sierra Leone Public Relations Department