Some two to three months back, a company operating in Sierra Leone called Easy Solar took the Standard Times Newspaper to the Independent Media Commission (IMC), for what the company called a malicious publication aimed at damaging the reputation of the company that is promoting clean energy in the country.

The Standard-Times in its defense submitted several key documents that exposed the operations of the Company The Human Resource Manager canvassed the Complaints Committee and pleaded with it to impose penalty and punitive action against this medium.

The IMC is yet to come out with its findings. While the IMC may be exploring the basis of its finding to publish on behalf of the parties, namely the Standard Times Newspaper and the Easy Solar Company, the Sierra Leone Parliament has requested the presence of the Company in the Sierra Leone Parliament on Thursday 13th October 2022.

The Easy Solar is requested by the Parliamentary Committee on Labour and Industrial Relations to submit on or before Thursday 13th October 2022 at 10.00 am, a comprehensive report which is inclusive of the following comprehensive list of employers indicating names. posts, salaries NASSIT contributions, and nationality for the period 2020 to date For expatriates, work permits, and proof of payment of tax obligations Report on employment and redundancy of workers.

Evidence of job contracts for contract workers. Provision of the job grading system and staff employee appraisal. Provide us with Human Resources Manual. Report on General Compliance with the following Labour Laws and Regulations, workmen’s Compensation Act, Cap 219, Employee and Employee Act, Cap 212 of 1960 Industry Relations Act of 1971, and the Factory Act of 1974

The request clearly states that the General Manager is required to submit seventeen copies of each of the above documents to the Parliamentary Committee on Labour and Industrial Relations…as the Committee is investigating the level of compliance with Labour Laws and Regulations of the Country