Trendy Sierra Leonean Tiktok Star and Performer Jacob Evangelista who’s known by his recording name as “The Therapist” says he will be performing today live at Garage in Ghana at the Sundown Paris Xperience.”

The promising and most trendy Sierra Leonean musician online at the moment The Therapist who’s officially signed to Cribs International will be sharing the same stage with some of the biggest musical acts from Africa and other parts of the globe today when they will be showing up for the most talked about Ghanaian Musical Festival.

Show organizers Garage are also excited to have the Sierra Leone Soloist performing at their event for the first time, no surprise they’ve invited the musical star and have not been keeping quiet about his appearance at the high-level event.

In a latest tweet, Garage confirms heightening momentum the event is building and further described Musician Therapist as “the Ladies man” as their Thursday tweet read: “Sundown is super lit on Sunday. Performing Live from our little PARIS is the ladies man The Therapist. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Can’t wait to see you Guys.”

Undoubtedly, Therapist’s pulse remains high as he looks forward to shutdown the little Paris arena in Ghana where he will be performing his trending single title: “Nack” a song whose video have accumulated one million plus views on YouTube since it was premiered officially on June 9 this year, on Cribs International 14.5K plus YouTube channel.