The Presidential Initiative on Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Food Security (PICREF) has announced an ambitious plan aimed at transitioning the nation towards more sustainable energy solutions.

In an effort to ensure a brighter, greener future, the initiative is making strides to involve both the general public and crucial stakeholders in a pivotal conversation. This dialogue will focus on adopting cleaner energy sources, prioritizing climate resilience, and ensuring sustainable food systems to safeguard the well-being of every Sierra Leonean.

A spokesperson for PICREF emphasized the holistic approach of this plan, stating, โ€œOur goal is to not only foster inclusivity but also to address pressing environmental issues, all while promoting a just socio-economic framework during this energy transition.โ€

A national dialogue has been scheduled for 23rd-24th October 2023 at the Freetown City Council Hall. President Bio is expected to grace the event as the keynote speaker, further highlighting the significance and national priority of this initiative.