The Sierra Leone Police has announced rules and regulations that will guide the upcoming National Emergency Delegates Conference of the All People’s Congress.

The Conference, which is to endorse the APC draft Constitution, is scheduled to hold from 17 and and 19 September.

The regulations were adopted with a view to ensure a smooth and peaceful Delegates Conference.

These are the regulations adopted:

1. That members/supporters should not carry or display any banner showing support for whoever or for whatever during the Delegate Conference

2. That no member or any other person is allowed to take photograph of any party member or official within the premises and immediate vicinity of the Conference venue

3. That no member or person is allowed to put on T-shirt with body images or party members or officials within the premises of the Conference venue

4. That only accredited members will be allowed into the venue of the Delegate Conference

The Sierra Leone Police strongly advise all delegates of the All People’s Congress to strictly comply with the above regulations.