The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has declared its determination to take decisive action against traffic law offenders, focusing on individuals owning abandoned vehicles, motorbike riders within the Central Business District, and passengers who disregard safety measures.

The comprehensive enforcement initiative is scheduled to commence on September 1st of this year.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Brima Kamara, the Official Spokesperson for the Sierra Leone Police, underscored that while traffic regulations have long been established, their implementation had gradually dwindled over time.

ACP Kamara, in partnership with the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA), emphasized the renewed commitment of the police force to ensure a smooth traffic flow throughout the city.

As part of the initiative, derelict vehicles will face impoundment by the joint efforts of the police and SLRSA. Owners of such vehicles will be required to pay fines to retrieve their impounded vehicles. In addition, offenders will be summoned to appear in court, where they will be subject to further penalties.

In a firm stance, ACP Kamara cautioned that “not only motorbike riders but also passengers without helmets will be apprehended“.

He expressed his disapproval of the haphazard parking of vehicles on streets, even for brief periods. “Under no circumstances will we tolerate anyone parking their vehicle on the street,” he asserted. ACP Kamara called on the public to strictly adhere to the law, highlighting that no exceptions will be made.

Furthermore, ACP Kamara disclosed ongoing engagements with garage proprietors and motorbike riders to ensure their awareness and cooperation with the impending enforcement efforts set to begin on September 1st.

Responding to inquiries about allegations of biased law enforcement within the police force, ACP Kamara denied any knowledge of such practices. He affirmed that all offenders, regardless of their social status, will be apprehended and required to pay fines.

Addressing the economic aspect of the forthcoming operation, Kamara acknowledged that it would entail costs, particularly in terms of deploying personnel to various locations.

He stressed that if citizens comply with the law, the resources allocated for this operation could have been directed toward other pressing needs. The Sierra Leone Police, together with its partners, remains committed to fostering safer roadways and upholding traffic regulations for the benefit of all citizens.