ASP Alieu Jalloh of the Waterloo Police Division has called on residents to continue their support in providing relevant information which will help them get rid of criminals in the community.

His call comes after successful operations led by the LUC Ibrahim Sama, where 37 suspects were arrested for various public Order Act Offenses.

At the Waterloo Police Division, ASP Jalloh, spoke to the suspects who were held behind bars.

In their effort to explain the reason for their arrest, one shouted; “We were arrested for idleness and disorderly behavior.”

Another said he was arrested for no reason. He said he is a petty trader who was selling soap when the Police raided the place and arrested him.

The majority did not say why they were arrested but rather pleaded in chorus for mercy.

ASP Jalloh continued that they are craving on the indulgence of the people of water to regain the lost glory of that vicinity.

He pleaded that they continue to support them especially during this rainy season when the rate at which crimes are committed is high.

He affirmed that the police are working round the clock through various operations to ensure that the Waterloo community is safe and secured.

However, he said they can only succeed in achieving that with the help of the community people.