Tonight, Freetown experienced widespread blackouts as major communities grappled with a sudden loss of power.

The root cause of this disruption was traced to a significant power trip in Ivory Coast along the CLSG (Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea) transmission line. The impact swiftly reverberated through Sierra Leone, causing massive blackouts and plunging numerous areas into darkness.

The CLSG line, a crucial component of the regional power grid, encountered a substantial issue, disrupting the flow of electricity to connected nations. Sierra Leone bore the brunt of this incident, with major communities in Freetown witnessing an abrupt cessation of power supply. The blackout left residents grappling with inconvenience and disruption to their daily activities.

Efforts were promptly initiated to address the situation, and power restoration is now underway. The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) is working diligently to systematically switch on power in various communities affected by the blackout. The restoration process aims to bring normalcy back to the affected areas and alleviate the challenges posed by the sudden power outage.

While the initial cause of the power trip in Ivory Coast is being investigated, the focus in Sierra Leone is on ensuring a swift and comprehensive restoration of electricity services. EDSA’s systematic approach to switching on communities indicates a coordinated effort to mitigate the impact of the blackout and bring relief to residents who experienced an unexpected interruption to their power supply earlier tonight.