Pursuant to its Constitutional and Statutory mandate, the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) has on Saturday 3rd September, 2022 deployed staff and members of the All Political Parties Women’s Association (APPWA) and the All Political Parties Youth Association (APPYA) to monitor the Voters Registration exercise across the country.

PPRC noted that; “During the exercise, the teams will observe the following:


1. To ascertain whether or not,the conduct of Political parties is in line with the laws of Sierra Leone and the Communique they signed with the Commission.

2. Level of participation of members of Political Parties.

3. Assess the level of inter party tolerance amongst their members and Supporters.

4. To monitor the sentisation messages of Political Parties,to see if they are incendiary,inflammatory,hateful or campaigning.

6. Conduct of Party Agents accredited by
Electoral Commission Sierra Leone (ECSL) and the personnel of the later.

7. To observe the time Registration centres are opened and the time a Registrant takes to register.
8. Accessibility of the centres,particularly for persons with disability.

9. Registration turnout. 10.Participation of Women, PWDs, the aged and first time voters.

11. Availability of registration materials.


1. Level of deployment within the precinct of the centres

2. Level of professionalism

3. Level of involvement into the process.


1. Turn out of Citizens

2. Level of compliance with set Rules

3. Attitude towards ECSL staff, SLP and others

4. Level of knowledge on the registration process.