The holy month  of  Ramadan is a special month with lots of  Blessings From Allah[God]. However, there are some practices that has the tendency to reduce the blessings of  Muslims during this month. Here are four Key practices that Muslims  should improve on to enhance our blessings From Allah during this month.

Wasting night

A thief that steals most valuable time from you. This thief is responsible for turning you away from salatul layl, istighfar and tawbah and recitation of the Qur’an. Make time your priority without wasting a second in this blessed month.


Give sadaqah, iftaar and help the orphans.. Give iftaar even if it is half a date or a sip of water, so ALLAH will forgive your past sins.

Gatherings without dhikr of ALLAH

This thief comes with deep regret on the day of judgment. Don’t go to places of gathering if not for Islamic lectures etc.

Neglecting Your parents

Whoever in this month does good towards their relatives, ALLAH connects them with HIS mercy on the day of judgement. My dear, always be careful with your mother and father. Serve them as much as you can regardless of how bad you think they’ve raised you.

May ALLAH keep guiding us all and increase us in beneficial knowledge. AAMIIN.