President of Red Flag Movement, Zuliakatu Jabz has in a post on social media blasted popular musician, Atical Foyoh for showing fake love to fellow musician, Boss La, who is in prison.

According to Zuliakatu, Atical Foyoh and other entertainers visited Boss La in prison, and they were supposed to pay another visit again as per the agreement.

She further that all their other colleagues (Artists, DJs, Promoter,s and bloggers) visited the rapper for the second time but Atical Foyoh never showed up again.

She added that from that point, Artical Foyoh started hanging out with Boss La’s arch rival, Kao Denero and stopped getting himself involved in anything that has to do with the troubled rapper.

She furthered claimed that was because of the conversations Atical foyoh was having with Kao Denero.

See her post below:

“Atical Foyoh I told you this morning that I will respond to you after I break my fast.

First of all, I meant to understand that You and other entertainers visited LAJ in prison, and you guys were supposed to pay another visit again as per the agreement. All your colleagues (Artists, DJs, promoters,s and bloggers) visited for the second time and you never show up.ย 

You stopped getting yourself involved in anything that has to do with LAJ. From that point, you started Hanging out with Kao Denero, that was the reason why you stopped visiting LAJ in prison based on the conversation you were having with Kao Denero.

When you were asked why you stopped visiting you said you are afraid to go to the Prison. Why are you afraid to pay someone you claimed to be your Colleague and Friend a visit?

You have the nerve to come to Facebook giving people the impression that you have been there for LAJ all this period.
Secondly, LAJ never told you to stay off his business, he raised a concern to you about the verse you made in his FREEDOM Song, he said you sounded like you are apologizing for a crime that he’s guilty of.

He further informs you that he doesn’t like that particular verse, He said to you that if you want to sing you can go ahead and sing for his freedom but he doesn’t want you to sing a song giving people the impression that he is guilty of the allegations.ย 

That was the reason why he told you that he dislike your verse in the song.

He never told you to stay away from the matter.

My dear Atical 4yoh seems like selfishness has made you overlook how LAJ Impacted your life. Well, let me do you the honor by drawing your attention to the good things that LAJ did for you.

1: LAJ is the first person that took you to President (na e fos make u foot step na state ose)
2:He also allows you to do a song with President Bio (Corona thank you song)
3:LAJ is the same Person that you begged to be part of your song (Mess Mess). When you guys were talking about the excruciating hardship.