Popular Sierra Leonean Musician Rahim d Wezard has thrown his support behind APC’s, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara popularly known as Jagaban.

Rahim D Wezard in a post on social media stated that even though he is not interested in politicy,  Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara has made an impact in his life and many others.

“I will stand to defend him any day. He is not my biological father but he is my father. I  see no other Sierra Leonean in the diaspora who has employed more Sierra Leoneans than him no matter your tribe or religion he only sees a Sierra Leonean in every Sierra Leonean,” Rahim said

He emphasizes that the APC have a treasure in their party and they should treat him wel.

I told him I don’t want him in politics because he has everything a man needs (a self-made millionaire in dollars)but yea God knows our destinies” Rahim states