Sierra Leonean hit maker, Rap Gee has cleared the air on circumstances that led to the recording of controversial song ‘Complain’ done with Boss La, Arkman and Itribe. 

In a widely circulated audio, Rap Gee said he came from the club with Boss La and were highly drunk. The singer said they went to Boss La’s hotel room and he (Boss La) brought up a concept called “Complain”. Boss La told him to do a freestyle to prove himself as he called himself Eastern Godzilla. According to him, Boss La was trying to mock him and he agreed to drop a freestyle on the concept “Complain” but he was not aware of what he was doing as he was highly drunk.

The singer said, after listening to the song after becoming normal the following day, all of them asked Boss La to delete their verses from the song. Rap Gee told him that he is not a politician. He does not sing about politics. He focuses on dancehall music. Meanwhile, He told viewers that any song that is released without his slogan is not authentic from him.


Rap Gee said he was not the only one that was telling Boss La to remove their voices from the song. He said Arkman and Itribe also asked him to remove their voices from the song. He accused Boss La that he did the song due to his selfish interest. He claimed that Boss La was giving him confidence that they will give them money for the song. Rap Gee emphasized that he repeated told Boss La to remove his voice from the song and based on that Boss La blocked him.

Rap Gee said he started the song with the first two lines and accused Boss La of finding another person to complete the song. He also informed the viewers that Boss La is not singing for the people of Sierra Leone instead for his selfish interest.

The singer said he received a phone call from the first lady for the distribution of pads. According to him, he supported the idea of the first lady to provide pads for the school going children. He said he joined the distribution of pads not because of SLPP. He distanced himself from anything that has to do with SLPP. He continues saying that, while they were distributing the pads, he received a phone call from Boss La asking him to send him money as long as he (Rap Gee) is walking with the first lady. He threatened him that if he does not send him money, he will release the song.


Rap Gee said that he does not want the first lady to see am as a snitch as he was worked with her in the distribution of the pads. The singer asked for forgiveness from his fans and assured them that he is not a politician and he never did a politics song. He accused Boss La of trying to destroy his career. He said Boss La would have removed his verse from the song before releasing it. He asked his fans once more to forgive him.