The Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation concluded a three-day retreat on February 2nd, 2024, at the Galliness Paradise Hotel. Held under the theme “Strengthening the Sanitation Component within the Water Sector for Effective Service Delivery,” the retreat brought together key stakeholders to reflect on achievements and map the way forward for improved sanitation access across the country.

Minister Sao-Kpato Macarthy emphasized the vital role of sanitation in achieving overall water sector success. “This retreat allows us to pause, assess our progress over the past five years, and identify areas for improvement,” she said. “It is especially timely considering the recent expansion of our mandate to include sanitation functions.”

The Minister extended a warm welcome to staff recently transferred from the Ministry of Health, highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration. “By working together, we can effectively implement our strategic plan for 2024-2030,” she stated. “This plan aligns with the national development agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, ensuring clean water and sanitation for all.”

The retreat served as a platform for open dialogue and brainstorming, addressing crucial topics like: Enhancing collaboration between various water and sanitation entities, developing innovative strategies to address sanitation challenges, leveraging new technologies for improved service delivery and ensuring equitable access to sanitation facilities for all citizens.