As part of their functions, a couple of Board Directors of the Road Maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) has on Monday 13th June 2022 supervised ongoing culverts done by the Bo City Council and funded by the RMFA.

The Bo City Council is currently constructing seventeen single box culverts in the different political wards within the municipality. A team from the Council led by the Council’s Deputy Mayor, David J. N. Smart, and Chief Administrator, Veronica J. Fortune took the Board Directors on a supervision tour to construction sites for the 2022 project, as well as some 2021 sites.

Upon completion of the exercise, with ten out of 2022’s seventeen single box culverts already completed, one of the Board Directors, Reverend Joe Bob Amara tapped the Bo City Council’s back, registering that they [RMFA] are impressed with the work done thus far.

“You have done pretty well I must say,” he averred; adding that the Council needs to “speed up and complete the remaining, considering the rate at which the rain is falling now.” Board Director Joseph B. Lahai told the Council’s management that “there are no major observations” and that they as an administration [RMFA] are satisfied with what was seen on the ground.

“The work is currently of quality and so we encourage you to fast track the completion of the remaining culverts still on course,” he admonished.

Bo City Council’s Chief Administrator, Veronica J. Fortune stated that “a man’s best teacher is an experience” and the Bo City Council has learned from projects in previous years, from which it has taken off diligently.

“We are committed to ensuring timely and quality delivery of services to our people, thus the speed and nature of this year’s roadworks,” she pointed out.

The Chief Administrator assured the Directors that the outstanding will be completed in no time as the Council is also cognizant of the regular downpour in the municipality.