Dr. Samura Kamara, the leader of Sierra Leone’s opposition party, the All Peoples Congress, has taken to Twitter to express his concerns regarding recent discussions surrounding a tripartite investment relationship involving the government, ARISE, and KINGHO.

Dr. Kamara, an experienced figure in national economic management and nation-building, called for caution in handling these matters.

In a series of tweets, Dr. Kamara stated, “I listened with keen interest to recent broadcasts by very senior government officials relative to a tripartite investment relationship between the government, ARISE, and KINGHO. I would want to caution that whatever difficulties there are regarding this relationship, we desist from going public until the relationship is orderly mended. It is not impossible.”

Dr. Kamara stressed the importance of addressing these issues thoughtfully to prevent any potential state embarrassment. He highlighted the lukewarm investor appetite for Sierra Leone and advised bringing both companies to the table for resolution to avert any subsequent legal entanglements.

The opposition leader’s comments come amid ongoing discussions and negotiations related to investment partnerships, raising questions about transparency and potential challenges that may arise in the process.

As these discussions continue, it remains to be seen how the government and relevant parties will address the concerns and cautions voiced by Dr. Samura Kamara. The development of this tripartite investment relationship is of significant interest to Sierra Leone’s economic development and stability.