The recent indictment by the Anti-Corruption Commission involving Samura Wilson Kamara and other Sierra Leoneans prior to an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission into the Sierra Leone’s Chancery Office involving Millions of Dollars has put the All Peoples Congress Party in a dilemma as to what will be the fate of the 2018 flagbearer.

Samura Kamara is undoubtedly one of the leading candidates to lead the All Peoples Congress Party ahead of the 2023 elections due to his soaring popularity across the country from supporters and sympathizers of the All Peoples Congress Party.

However, the Press Release by the Anti-Corruption Commission last Thursday, 25th has left several supporters and followers of the All Peoples Congress Party wondering on the chances of comrade Wilson-Kamara ahead of the decisive 2023 elections.

Sources close to the APC secretariat confided to Guardian Post that the chances of Samura Wilson-Kamara to compete with other aspirants is very tinny and slim taking into cognizance the bottlenecks and timeframe on when the court will climax the grand corruption case.

“Samura Wilson-Kamara and his supporters are having sleepless nights as what will happen to the later political ambition ahead of the 2023 elections.

“Our pools of lawyers are carefully studying the 2counts indictment levied on Samura Kamara by the Anti-Corruption Commission.” They said. “We are calling on supporters and sympathizers of Samura Kamara and the membership of the All People Congress Party to keep the peace and not be distracted by external factors.

“We are studying the indictment pending the 1st appearance on the 10th December 2021.” The release explains.

Dr. Samura Kamara has earlier in a press conference denied any wrong doing and he is ready to exonerate his name in the court of law.

In other hand, supporters of Chief Sam Sumana are in ecstasy and joy as prior to the release which according is a blessing in disguise for the former Vice President.

According to our findings, the All Peoples Congress will likely supports the candidature of Sam-Sumana ahead of the 2023 elections due to his previous track record as Vice President of the country but was later sack by Ernest Koroma on flimsy and baseless reasons.

Chief Sam-Sumana is a great character and has the aptitude to win the 2023 elections with the supports of the All Peoples Congress Party and Ernest Koroma as an individual to work closely with his former Vice President who according to our information is having cozy relationship with his former boss.

“Chief Sam-Sumana is a dedicated and result-oriented character with natural and human requisites that can win any elections under the tickets of the All Peoples Congress Party.

Sam-Sumana according to his supporters is a symbol of hope and unity ready to take the APC from opposition to ruling government if given the prerequisite and essential supports from the executive and members of the APC.

Chief Sam-Sumana they say is a dynamic and forward-looking character that has the prerequisite and result-oriented fortress to democratically unseat the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in the 2023 elections.

“Sam-Sumana is a conservative, conformist, intelligence, aptitude and reservoir of knowledge to change the political narrative within the country and the All Peoples Congress Party,” they said.

“He has the smug satisfaction which a leader enjoys when he comes into the lime-light to appease his supporters and sympathizers who beliefs in his political skills and abilities to change the mindset of Sierra Leoneans when the needs arise.

According to Guardian Post, the former Vice President is a patient and tactful leader who has fought the good fights of faith during his political sojourned as Vice President under the leadership of the All Peoples Congress Party.

Leadership should be efficient and intelligent and a good academic qualification is a “sine qua non” show of leadership that can bring back the APC into governance.

Leadership according to some of these extremist supporters of Sam-Sumana said one should not be corrupts as corruption will be one of the pillar of Sam-Sumana if given the chance to lead Sierra Leoneans through the ballot box.

Corruption according to them will be one of Sam-Sumana priority if he won the elections under the tickets of the All Peoples Congress and subsequently won the 2023 poll.” They reiterate.

“The leaders that shine forth in the political horizon today are those who have forsaken selfishness and self-interest,” they repeat.

“We have seen all these qualities in Chief Sam Sumana and he is the type of leader every Sierra Leonean should be proud of and be thankful to God for giving us such a character of leadership.

The people of Kono recently in the bye-election in Kono tells Sierra Leoneans that Chief Sam-Sumana is a force to reckon with in Kono district as no other politicians in these 21st century can dispute that.