An Elections Petition that was filed over 3 years ago against the candidacy of Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara as APC Presidential Candidate in March 2018, has been thrown out of court in favour of Kamara today 22nd September 2021. The case was filed in 2018 by one Mr. Mohamed Ayouba Joaque.

The Supreme Court, to its credit under the leadership of Chief Justice Babatunde Edwards and newly appointed Supreme Court Registrar, Mr. Kottor Kamara Esq., has recently been hard at work to clear all longstanding cases filed at the registry but left dormant all these years.

One such case now cleared out of dusty files is the one today where the Supreme Court ruled against the Plaintiff Mr. Joaque.

The plaintiff and the defendants were all absent in court today.

Also absent today was the lawyer who took the case to court against Dr. Samura Kamara.

However, the lawyers who represented Dr. Samura Kamara were present in court today in persons of Sulaiman Kabba Koroma Esq. and Roland Nylander Esq. whilst co-defendant National Electoral Commission was also represented by a lawyer.

The plaintiff, back in 2018, had sought to object to Dr. Samura Kamara contesting the 2018 elections on alleged grounds that Kamara was not eligible to be a presidential candidate.

The Supreme Court presided over by Hon. Justice N.C. Browne Marke has now dismissed the case and ordered for costs to be paid by the Plaintiff Mr. Mohamed Joaque to both Dr. Samura Kamara and to the National Electoral Commission.