Sierra Leonean Social Media Blogger, and also is currently a Strategic Communication’s Coordinator in the Office of the President in the Republic of Sierra Leone, Sarah Kallay has on the 9th May 2022 revealed the truth that transpired between herself and Julie Tombo with regards to her recent post over the mug shot of Julie Tombo.

On Saturday, 7th May 2022, Julie Tombo blasted Sarah Kallay over the mug shot post she posted on her Facebook page “Housemate Salone hopeful Julie Tombo was arrested in Iowa, America last year for attempted murder of her then partner and we just found the mug shot but thank God case end even if we nor know how e end. The yagba diva ein yagba bin heavy😈.”

According to the post, the blogger Sarah Kallay alleged that Julie Tombo was on February arrested at Iowa in the United States for alleged attempted murder. This claim was denied by Julie but at the end on some interviews she revealed that she has been arrested by the police for a report made by her ex-husband that she (Julie) wanted to kill him, and on other talks, she revealed that her husband videoed her while she was beating her child, and reported her to the police station, that resulted to the arrest.

Seeing this blast on the media and the eye fittings, with dismay she responded to it and disclosed all her transactions and what transpired between them in the back end that we could see, she revealed that she posted the mug shots because it was Julie’s idea and she only rendered her help as a social media influencer and out of charity and helping another in her little ways.

According to Sarah Kallay, she did not surface the mug shot hadn’t been it was approved by the Housemate Salone Contestant, the Yagba Diva, Julie Tombo. Sarah Kallay disclosed that, she got the mug shot from Julie Tombo herself and she approved that the blogger Sarah Kallay should published it on the media so that rival contestants will not use it against her in case she is fortunate to be one of the 22 contestants to enter the house.

“Ask Julie if noto eihn say e nor want make den use dis against am inside de house” she posted in her Facebook page. With dismay over the reactions and calls she has gotten over the weekend of people alleged that she wanted to destroy the image of Julie Tombo at the nick of time when she needed her support for the show, she disclosed her dealings with Julie and letting people know that, she is not what they think she is.

According to Sarah, all what she did has nothing to with hate on her post over the mug shot. She claimed that, she did it because she thought that was a smart move of Julie Tombo to released the details before other contenders released that part against her in the house, in case she is fortunate.

In her concluding words, Sarah Kallay expressed her depressed emotions and how hurt she has been over the days for all she has gone through despite her clean intentions to help, she has decided to quit form Team Tombolistic campaign.

“Since me nor mind de gbas gbos, ar post am but since you make den question me motive (without you nr tok to Julie), I’m out”, she said to the management of Julie Tombo, Dee Real Survivor.