The District Officer of Falaba district, Osman Samura has said that there are too many small arms and light weapons in Neya Chiefdom, Falaba district, Northeast of Sierra Leone.

He described the huge presence of these weapons in that Chiefdom as a security threat. “Seventy percent of these small arms and light weapons are concentrated in the communities of his Khurubola and Porpon alone.

This is a serious security threat especially when they are not registered or regulated,” the District Officer said at the end of his fact-finding mission to the Chiefdom.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development instructed the District Officer to conduct a fact-finding mission to Neya Chiefdom following allegations of the illegal banishment of over fifty people from Porpon Town by some people who are allegedly causing trouble in that community.

Mr. Samura said “Porpon can be another rebel outlet in Sierra Leone,” adding that this is an early warning without exaggeration. that Porpon Town in Neya Chiefdom needs with urgency The District Officer emphasized the whole Police Post of its own under the direct supervision of the Mongo police Division.

He also called on the government through the Ministry of Works and Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) to fast-track the construction of the only current bridge leading to Porpon Town.

Meanwhile, the people of the Chiefdom are also calling on the Sierra Leone Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons to visit the said Chiefdom to register all manufacturers and holders of these locally-made weapons to allay the fears of the people.

The Commission must also engage the people for them to know the laws set up by the government about the use and manufacturing of these locally made weapons.