Chief Minister of Sierra Leone David Moinina Sengeh has debunk rumours making rounds that the country will go into election after the Tripartite Committee findings.

He categorically state it clear with emphasis that the Tripartite Committee will not lead to another election in the country nor will it lead to a three way government.

He made this statement during the Sierra Leone People Party Constitution Review conference where he also stated that all political parties involved in the Tripartite Committee have recently meet with Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) officials starting from 2018 to the recent 2023 election.

He also stated that people should use the time they share bad audio make by APC members to create good ones and share them adding that he has never listen to any audio from Adebayor.

He advised those listening to the audios of Adebayor to learn from it and make their own good message and build their own movement.