The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, David Monina Sengeh in his ‘’Radical Inclusion’’ education campaign has met with over 300 student leaders in the Northern Regional Headquarters Town Makeni.

The event which focused on discussion around civic responsibilities and the collective role of transforming education for all in the country engaged students, parents, teachers and other very important people in the educational system.

In an interview,  the Minister stated that;

‘’In Makeni, I recently met with over 300 school prefects to discuss our collective civic roles in transforming education. I believe that for us to achieve a progressive inclusive quality education goal, we must all commit to changing Sierra Leone.’’

‘’I believe in these student leaders when they say, I will change Sierra Leone’’ he affirmed.

The engagement also incorporated questions and answer sessions where the students ask and make recommendations towards their own learning.

He concluded the meeting by encouraging the students to stand up for education advocacy in his statement;

‘’You should be the one in your communities who express, advocate and fight for inclusive and quality education. It’s your responsibility to have people understand that it doesn’t matter what colour or where you lie in the political spectrum that education cannot be politicized’’.