Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh has shared the country’s commitment at the 78th united nations general assembly.

He recounted the significant issues and strive the country has been engaged in so far to ensure a strategic and sustainable development for every citizen and to merge with other nations respectively.

He maintained that, with all the odds and challenges faced there are still rooms for development and bridging that gap at different points to have the nation smoothly running for everyone.

“With increasing insecurity, vulnerability, and widening inequalities, we need to get back to our core values of prosperity, mutual respect and accountability, multilateral corporation & reforms that focus on our shared humanity. That’s our commitment from Sierra Leone at #UNGA78” he stated

He thanked President Bio, for showing the people of Sierra Leone that progressive reforms are possible and actionable which was shown through the repeal of death penalty and seditious libel, enacting GEWE Act promoting gender equity, and promoting reform of outdated election laws.