As a result of the allegations of blatant tampering with elections figures in the just concluded koinadugu bye elections, the residents of that district expressed their dissatisfaction over the results in a peaceful protest held at Funumbakoro town in the early hours of yesterday.

They said that they are not pleased with the final result as they do not believe that their candidate actually lost the elections.

In their protest signs they asked why did the figure 049 changed to 149. They said, that shows that the result was manipulated and that was why their candidate did not win. They therefore want justice to be served as they are not ready and willing to accept someone who won in deception.

They furthered that ward 155 needs their candidate Saio M. Koroma and that it is him they want as councilor. They ended by stating that if Saio Koroma is not made the councilor then they will not accept any other, so no Saio M. Koroma no councilor for ward 155.