The Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA), led by President Martin Momoh Bangura, and its Executive Members, extends a courtesy visit to the recently appointed Minister of Sports, Madam Augusta James-Teima, at her office located within Siaka Steven Stadium.

President Martin expressed sentiments regarding his enduring association with the President during his statement. He mentioned,

Madam Augusta contributed a lot to the status I am today. Let me say special thanks to H.E President Julius Maada Blessing Bio for appointing you as the first Female Minister of Sports. On behalf of myself and my executive members let me take the opportunity to congratulate you, Madam Minister”.

He went on to highlight the enthusiasm among members of the Athletics community regarding the Minister’s appointment, stating,”You are part of us”.

He delineated their triumph stories comprising the National Championship held at the Bo Mini Stadium; Georgiana winning a silver medal in the just completed African Championship, and the Anti-Doping program.

He talked about the innumerable challenges they are confronting in terms of monetary support, field to train, and supplies.  He said, “We also have problems that have to do with the welfare of athletes”.

The Minister, Madam Minister, responded by saying, “Today is a special day for me because my Athletics family has decided to make a courtesy call to congratulate me on my appointment. This day will go down in history.

Let me express my sincere thanks to you for coming and I hope we will work together as a united family for the development of sports. Special thanks for the successful stories or achievement you have gained since you became President. For the challenges mentioned, we will put modalities in place to see how we can settle them.”