The Judiciary of Sierra Leone wishes to inform the general public that Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and co-accused, Marion Arouni who are before the Sexual Offences Model Court on 8 Counts of sexual penetration, meeting a child for sexual purpose and conspiracy among others were both granted bail by the presiding Judge, Hon. Justice Samuel O. Taylor (JA) on Tuesday, 7th September 2021.

The Bail Conditions for the first Accused were as follows:

1. Bail granted in the sum of 100 Million Leones and two Sureties in like sum.
2. One Surety must be a house owner with property situated in the Western area of the Republic of Sierra Leone and should produce an original Title Deed to the Master and Registrar
3. Sureties should produce proof of Residence, ID Cards, Passport pictures, and the Accused person should deposit same to the Master and Registrar.
4. He must report three times in a week to the Master and Registrar and sign the Attendance book reserved for this purpose.
5. He must deposit to the Master and Registrar all travelling documents both foreign and national.

Pursuant to the aforementioned, one of the Lawyers of the first Accused approached the Master’s office for the first time at 2pm yesterday, Thursday 9th September 2021 at around 2:00 pm. The two Sureties, Isha Baby Koroma (self-employed) and Swaibu A.K. Dumbuya, a retired driver were brought into the Master’s office after 5pm, on the Thursday, 9/9/21 for the first time.

Among the documents submitted were, one new Sierra Leonean Passport for the first Accused (Kamarainba) with only a Guinean Entry Visa, an affidavit sworn to by him (first Accused) stating that he does not own any other travelling documents aside from the new Sierra Leonean Passport submitted, a Title Deed with no Valuation Report and Identification cards for the Two Sureties.

Our findings were as follows; the first Accused has not produced his foreign travelling documents in total compliance with the Bail Conditions. Also one of the Sureties, Ms. Isha Baby Koroma, is not ordinarily resident in Sierra Leone, she told us in the interview that she is an US citizen. In compliance with the Bail Regulations, to qualify to be a Surety, you must be ordinarily resident in Sierra Leone.

As maliciously claimed by those who are misusing the Social Media, the Master and Registrar, is ready and willing to process or approve the Bail as long as the conditions contained in Justice S.O. Taylor’s ruling are met.

We wish to also state that no approach or document has been received for and or on behalf of the co-accused Marion Arouni.

We wish to further state that some months ago, we discovered 29 fake sureties with fake documents submitted to the Master and Registrar’s office. This act is not only criminal but also inimical to expeditious trials and the dispensation of Justice.