The Sierra Leone Petroleum Dealers and Transporters Union (SLPDTU) has condemned the action of of PRA of suspending the licenses of five gas stations in the country.

The Petroleum Regulatory Agency on 4th January suspended the licenses of five gas stations across the country for allegedly refusing to sell petroleum products even when it was available.

In response to this action, the SLPDTU states that no petroleum product dealer received product, and according to SLPDTU, this was as a result of orders placed by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

SLPDTU highlighted that though the Petroleum Regulatory Agency monitors stock level but they failed to ensure that OMCs release the said available stock to Dealers during the holiday periods.

According to SLPDTU, there is functional loading terminal managed by LEONCO where all OMCs collect product – something which according to SLPDTU is a high risk for a nation and challenging for trucks.

SLPDTU added that OMCs have terminated the mode of transportation that has been operational some twenty years back.

As a result of all of these, SLPDTU called on the Petroleum Regulatory Agency to reverse its decision of suspending the licenses of the gas stations and carryout a stakeholder investigation on the matter.