46 Ports Security Personnel have been Certified after an intensive Training at the Police Academy, Hastings, in order to heighten the Security Personnel at the Ports and equipped on modern Security Training.

The Passing Out according to the Ports is the first time the Board, Management and Staff of Sierra Leone Ports Authority have conducted a massive SLPA Ports Security Personnel Passing out Parade.

Speaking on the Passing Out Ceremony, the General Manager Dr. Abdulai Fofana started by recognizing the Directors of the Centralization, the Commander and Staff of the Sierra Leone Peace Keeping and Law Enforcement Academic including disgusted. He stated that he was full of pride witnessing the Passing Out Ceremony of 46 Training from the Security and Intelligence Department from the Sierra Leone Ports Authority.

Speaking on the brief History of the Security Sector of the Institution, he stated that the Ports Security Force was created in 1978 to take responsible for the Security of Ports in Sierra Leone. It was also the initial intention for the Security not to only provide security for the Ports of Freetown but also Newton, One and Two and any other future Ports in this Country. He affirmed that the young men and women being passed out are still and we soon be Supernumerary Constable to enable them to have the lawful power necessary to carryout their duties. A lots of awareness has been raised among the global Community on Maritime and Ports Security as we know it today give birth to ISPS otherwise known as International Ship and Ports Facilities Security Codes.

On the importance of the Security, he said that the need to Secure our Ports from treat Poles, arm rubbing, Versus at Ancorage, territories, drugs smagluing, and people trafficking cargoes theft, Stories and damage to the environment can’t be over emphasize. It is against this background he said that the SLPA desires to turn the Peace Keeping and Law enforcement Academic to Train their Personnel on emergency issues on Ports Security.

Speaking on the number of security, he confirmed that 46 Personnel were Passing Out and that they will soon join their existing straight and the Ports Security Force.

This he said is a big busty for Ports Security and he has no doubt that when this personnel go back to the field they will be going with high Spirit and morals and they will improve on the already high level of Security at the Ports through the Consistent application of what learn here.

He stated that this unprecedented development is in fulfillment of His Excellency the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio Commitment to providing employment to ensure economic empowerment

He concluded by using the occasion as an opportunity and thanked the Inspector General of Police for his interest in the Security of the Institution. Not only in him have a direct hands in the Organization of this Training but also his experiencing and interest in the success of the Ports Security. He said that he was encouraged by the IG’s support and assured that they will see soon a new set of Training to this facility for other Tanning.