Sierra Leoneans on social have begged  popular Nigerian prayer warrior pastor to pray for troubled sierra Leonean striker Musa Tombo.

Having arrived in the country the same day that popular sierra Leonean striker Musa Tombo was reported to have stabbed himself. Many sierra Leoneans on social media have asked popular Nigerian pastor Jerry Eze of “what God cannot do does not exist” fame to offer prayers for the troubled footballer

After series of controversies in almost all areas of his footballing carrier the ever-troubled footballer in the early hours of Thursday 13 October was first seen in a video on social media asking for help to beg his wife Hawa Tombo, who according to a source is not in good terms with Musa.

Just after he released the video another video surfaced where Musa was seen laying helpless on the ground with reports going around that he had stabbed himself.

As the popular pastor is co-incidentally in town just the same day that this event occurs sierra Leoneans all over are requesting for pastor Eze to offer prayers for the ever-troubled footballer