Cocoa has emerged as a major player in Sierra Leone’s economy, ranking third in export revenue generation, according to a recent government-private sector roundtable.

The event, held on January 18th, brought together key stakeholders to discuss the sustainable development and investment potential of the cocoa sector.

The roundtable, themed “Making Sierra Leone’s Cocoa Sector Investible and Sustainable,” highlighted the crucial role of collaboration in fostering policy changes, government partnerships, and unlocking the industry’s full potential.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) estimates that cocoa generated over US$22 million in 2018, accounting for 11% of the nation’s total exports. However, a significant gap exists between current exports and the sector’s true potential, with an estimated US$30 million waiting to be tapped.

This promising outlook comes on the heels of the World Economic Forum’s 54th Annual Meeting, where the IFC emphasized the importance of transparency, consistency, and accountability in building trust and fostering investment. The meeting attracted over 100 representatives from various sectors, including governments, international organizations, and businesses.