Some  Sierra Leonean Music Lovers have expressed serious concerns over Drizilik wearing One T shirt in most of his public appearances.

They further commented that the rapper has put on his yellow Shukubly Tshirt in Nigeria’s Performance and later the Gambia.

However,  Some other school of thoughts believe the rapper is branding himself and his shukubly Clothing. Popular media personality Vickie Remoe believes that “while the T-shirt is currently the only product, I see the shukublai print pattern as something that could scale into a complete line of products, including household items for decor, sneakers, and even luggage. I can also imagine the print using different country flag colors matching the colors of their weaves or their national flag. Why not?

Suppose he can register a trademark to protect the shukublai print. In that case, Drizilik could have global commercial success with this fashion print that could be as iconic as Burberry, Gucci, or Versace prints.” She stated in a recent post



The shukublai is centuries-old Sierra Leonean art and culture older than our nation-state itself.

Drizilik is an award-winning Sierra Leonean Musician from Freetown. His latest song Popular released in March is available wherever you stream.As his popularity keeps Spreading across Africa, he was recently featured to perform in Nigeria and The Gambia