Many Sierra Leoneans have reacted after a Court granted bail to an accused murderer on her second appearance. Whilst Boss La and Kamarainba are still locked up in a cell.

Sierra Leonean reacted after  Magistrate Momoh Lansana, granted bail to Sowoh Sandy who was remanded in Mattru Jong Town in Bonthe District. The accused is alleged to have unlawfully killed the victim, Maseray Sei during the Bondo initiation ceremony in Nyandehun Village.

Sierra Leoneans reacting to the bail granted to the accused murderer said Boss LA has been locked up for the past 39 days without bail, after making 8 appearances for alleged robbery. And on Two of those appearances, the Prosecution did not appear in the matter between the State vs Boss LA. Whilst Mohamed Kamarainba is also languishing in prison.

One notable post is from popular Sierra Leonean Musical Morris commonly known as Morris D wonder boy who reacting to the bail posted on his Facebook page

“Salone justice system rotten pass onigiri Alleged murderer granted bail but still locked up LaJ n e family .. free my people”.