Following a video of angry youth on bikes at Kenema, demonstrating “APC” “Back to Power” passing in front of the ruling party’s (SLPP) office, for the opposition All People Congress, the SLPP District Chairman, Moriba S. Kamara threatened the Okada Riders Union if the ring leaders of the demonstration are not brought forth to the party office.

According to Moriba S. Kamara, he has recently had a meeting with the Resident Minister of Eastern Province, Brig. Gen. Rtd K.E.S Bayoh, on the demonstration issue of the Bike Riders at Kenema calling for APC Back to Power. The details of their meeting is yet to be known.

He added that, he has also proposed of having a successful meeting with the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Kenema Police division to get all ring leaders of the demonstration to be arrested and sent to jail.

Seeing this video on social media sparked flames in the heart of many Sierra Leoneans who have different views to the situation.

Many Sierra Leoneans are now pondering if it is unconstitutional to peacefully demonstrate on the streets of Sierra Leone regardless of having a party office off the street.

One Chernor Kamara expressed his opinion on the mater. On his Facebook comment, he wrote:

“Issa Tomboyekeh no part pa we constitution nor state say location dae for Mek posin show e support for e party ! Na every citizen e rite for support any political party na any location hence e nor go na posin e compound or house ! Na street dem Tnap and na the rite ! Mek we Lek dem politics yah bra ! Okada man dem nor for support APC because na kenema dem dae ? Who that say na SLPP get kenema ? Na danger tin dem Una dae do so na this country !”