Among the house rules in Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show, Social distancing has proven to be one of the deadliest of rules imposed by Chief and Madam Chief. As the saying always goes ‘failing to abide by the grand rules/laws will definitely land you into soup of hot water.

One of the housemates that was given the social distancing barrier was Nohmi George. Nohmi George had proven on countless occasions of how stubborn he is in really life. He is known to have broken Chief’s house rules several times. When the social distancing rule was imposed on him to avoid Julie Tombo for some hours in the house, it became as hard as climbing mount everest for him.

It is really a surprise to many when Karafilo is among the people that break house rules. This morning while having a dance with a cross section of colleague housemates in the sitting room, Karafilo was deducted a point for disobeying Madam Chief despite he was told the consequences of his actions. Disobeying rules is strongly prohibited in the house and could even give a visa to go home every time to flout to any of the rules.

Augusta and Karafilo were distanced by Madam Chief from each other, don’t worry this has nothing to do with COIVD-19 but it effects are as well deadly. This is because, it puts housemates who are into intimate relationship to a stay of love dilemma. Cutting you from the person that loves and encourages  you in the house is a way painful like walking on shattered glasses.

With all the punishments and the points deductions, social distancing is slowly killing Francis Mo Conteh aka Karafilo and his fiancée Augusta Kumba Yongai. Since the social distancing is imposed I’m both of them, we have noticed it has been difficult for both partners and especially Karafilo who has lost a point already for breaking Madam Chief’s rule. My guess is, if this social distancing is not cut off at the right time or early, one or both of them are going home. Or better still Karafilo will continue to loose points for defying orders which will definitely give him/her a visa to home.

Another housemate who is emotional stress as a result of social distancing is Lolo Simeon. Lolo is known to be seen very close to Mamie Thomas since the second week of the HMS show. Due to the social distancing rule, she has today been finding it difficult to catch her break, as seemed heartbroken and off wanting that the punishment of social distancing is over. She has not been herself since morning. This shows two happenings in the house tagged with emotional stress tells us that Madam Chief let’s this to continue for days, someone will definitely loose his/her heart. Love is indeed strong, strong that even the strongest metal in the world.