The Inspector General of Sierra Leone Police, Ambrose Sovula has been accused of being part of the first batch of Honorary Doctorate graduates of the alleged fake Dominion Christian University.

This is reported after the university held another graduation ceremony under a mango tree in Kissi Town Waterloo, and the Founder and Chancellor of the university, Professor Ezekiel Bangura was later arrested.

On Dominion Christian University website, there is a picture of a graduation ceremony held on September 27, 2022 at Kissy Town Community Center, Waterloo, with IG Sovula seen in the portrait receiving a certificate from members of the University, including Prof. Ezekiel Bangura.

Some citizens have also accused the Inspector General of Police of receiving a fake PHD from the University on social media.

“Was just thinking how Salone Police would investigate Dominion University the varsity that award PHD degree to IG Sovula,” Marius Musa Kargbo stated.

“The IG of police received a PhD from the so called fake University. What do you recommend?” Alhaji Evans Kamara noted?

“Even our IG, this is where he got his PhD degree from,” Josephine Kargbo posted.

“The IG is investigating the Chancellor that gave him a PhD degree,” Amadu Turay asserted.

“How this cannot be possible when the current IG of Police is an alumni of Dominion,” Arouna Wuonda stated.

“I thought this story was just vicious and malicious political propaganda fabricated out of virulent and malignant emotions to discredit the Inspector General of Police. This is a serious embarrassment to the police boss and the country at large. Hardship has installed all kinds of 4.1.9. tactics. Deplorable!” Idrissa Salam Conteh remarked.

Dr. Francis Sowa of the Mass Communication department, University of Sierra Leone however stated that the Dominion Christian University Doctorate degree was rejected later.

“He later got another from African Graduate University (AGU),” he added.