Core Supporter of the Opposition All People’s Congress Party and Former Sierra Leone Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs, under erstwhile President Ernest Bai-Koroma from 2016 to 2017, Sylvia Blyden has continuously used vulgar and obscene words at a co APC supporter called Possible Kargbo.  

she sent out an audio expressing anger through swearing and cursing because of a particular audio Possible Kargbo sent out stating that she is not able to sustain herself in the opposition. 

According to her, possible kargbo told her that she is not able to sustain herself in the opposition, when in reality, those that are really not able to sustain in the opposition are the ones he is supporting.  

However, this does not warrant her to be saying abusive words as a woman of her caliber. she being a woman and cursing the mother of Possible Kargbo ,is like she is being abusive to herself. 

There are many ways to express anger politely without cursing or insulting anyone. Sierra Leoneans, let us stop this habit of insulting and abusing one another, it is really not healthy. Words emotionally scar us, which is why we should be mindful of what we say out to people.